We're proud to have the best staff in the business. Each of our associates are gamers themselves with a specialty in role playing, miniatures, trading card games, and board games!

Meet our store manager, Jared DeMartini! Jared is an avid Magic: The Gathering player with wins in Grand Prix tournaments as well as PTQ's. Jared is a serious board gamer, and he can probably recite most rule books to you from memory! He is a devoted father and a passionate leader for the gaming community. If you see Jared, say hi! 

Meet Redbeard. Redbeard is our Events Manager. Well, his name is Rob, but everyone just calls him Redbeard! He is our resident miniatures extraordinaire. Aside from being a talented artist, Redbeard also attends Renaissance Faires and creates his own armor and weapons. Redbeard is a happy fellow - especially when he's playing Warhammer! Please stop by and compliment his beard. He's very proud of it. Ha!

Dana started playing MtG in 1999, and his first pack was Urza's Destiny. Around the same time he started playing DnD using 2ed, but he then moved onto 3rd as soon as he could. When Wizards moved onto 4th Edition, and he skipped on on that and started playing Pathfinder. In the last few years, he's found Warmachine and has pushed to start the upcoming league in Abilene.

This is our store manager, Jason! Jason is our resident specialist in role playing games such as Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons. His bald head brings luck if you rub it in a counterclockwise manner, and rumor has it that he's one of the coolest DM's to game with. Hit up Jason with any big questions you might have about role playing. This guy knows his stuff!

Emily's bio is still being worked on because she's a lovely enigmatic woman who didn't give Dove her full autobiography. ;)