Abilene Magic: The Gathering Facebook Group


Magic: The Gathering (MTG; also known as Magic) is a trading card game created by Richard Garfield and first published in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast. Magic was the first trading card game produced and it continues to thrive, with approximately twelve million players as of 2011. Magic can be played by two or more players each using a deck of printed cards or a deck of virtual cards through the Internet-based Magic: The Gathering Online or other programs.

List of General Events for Magic the Gathering:

• Friday: 6:30 PM - Friday Night Magic - $6.00 (Standard Constructed)

• We encourage people all week to start up their own drafts. A draft consists of eight players and costs $15.00 for each entry. You get to keep your cards after the draft. We always have a draft on Friday nights in addition to Friday Night Magic.

• Commander Pods run all week and cost $5.00 per entry. Each entry gets a pack, and a pod consists of four people.

Buying and Trading Cards

We do buy certain cards from players with the following restrictions:

• We do not trade cards. We will only buy cards outright for cash or store credit.

• Please contact a sales associate to see which cards we are currently seeking.