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Organized Play

The below document is a breakdown of what kinds of organized play are found at regional game/hobby/card stores in north and west Texas. Information was obtained by calling each store and asking what kinds of weekly organized play (tournaments) they hold, what the entry fee is, and what their prize support consists of. This chart has also been posted in between our first 2 gaming tables if you wanted to see where other communities are for the games you enjoy and how your game store stacks up regarding weekly organized play. As you can see not each location has the level of organized play Abilene has and none have as strong of prize support as The Gathering Place offers. That is a testament to the passion, dedication, and sense of community within the Abilene gaming groups and The Gathering Place's commitment to its customers. Almost all of our different gaming communities have their own unique Facebook groups so search Abilene and the game name (Example: Abilene Role Playing Community) on Facebook to network with others locally who share your passions and hobbies. If you ever are away from The Gathering Place we hope this document will help you find a place to play the games you love and to network with the greater Texas community of players. (Note, this document was compiled on July 1stof 2014 and may not reflect changes those stores have made to their organized play.)

Prize support by store.ods Prize support by store.ods
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Prize support by store.xls Prize support by store.xls
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